Friday, June 3, 2011

Live in the Moment

Advice #10 “Things ain’t so bad”

I have found myself picturing my future.  Currently I am a graduate student, working in Philadelphia.  This is the life, my degree is paid for and I am living off a decent stipend, why can’t I just enjoy it.  I have a perfect boyfriend, a healthy family and good friends.  The reason us twenty something’s can not just sit back and enjoy it is because we love drama.

Drama with the boyfriend
No matter how perfect the man is, us twenty something’s have to find a fault.  If he wants to get married, it’s too soon for you, if he won’t commit, he is a jerk-off.  They just can’t win.  Let’s not forget the job, we may be graduate students living off only $9,000 a year, but we won’t even look at a guy making less than $50,000.  Who do we think we are?
This results in drama. 

Drama with the friends
You think this would end after high school graduation but that is wrong.  It goes on well into adulthood.  Friends judge friends; in high school you made fun of the girl with the ugly shoes now we make fun of the friend who hasn’t dropped her college weight.  It’s grueling and exhausting.
Drama with the family
I am afraid this aspect of life will NEVER end.  If you move out of your house mom insists that you’re wasting your money on rent.  If you stay home you are made her personal slave in order to repay 25 years of debt (as if we had any chose from years 0-18) This is what you call a lose-lose situation. 

No matter how you swing it life is always full of drama.  Work politics, marriage and babies only make matters worse.  So every once in a while try to sit back and evaluate your situation.  Look at the parent, friend or partner beside and realize, “things ain’t so bad.”   

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